entering year 2o19 – BALI

hello my wonderful readers,

this is a fresh blog post since March 2o18. sorry i have been such a lazy bum i didn’t write anything new for quite some time eh.

but i am about to change that. before i dive into my big blog post about woooonderful magical BALI i would like to say that i am doing well. as well as i can, still based in Chengdu China (but soon that’s about to be changed) and well currently in bed recovering from that same trip to BALI.
so here we go..

life in China can be dull and grey so my wonderful boyfriend decided to add some colors by taking us to Bali right on the first day of a New Year! best surprise ever!

from Chengdu we took a late nights flight to Malaysia and landed in beautiful Bali Denpasar airport after our 5 hour layover, right into the blue skies and sunshine! when arriving to Bali you can easily take one of the drivers right there at the airport to be your taxi and take you whenever you want, but bare in mind the reasonable price to pay would be 400,000 – 450,000 rp per day (also depending where you’re going) or you can download Grab taxi (bali’s uber version) and get around town or to your hotel like that. third option (and the cheapest one) is renting a motorbike for 100,000 rp which comes to about 7 dollars for a day and the highway is yours.

when we landed we got picked up by a dear friend of my boyfriends (a local driver), that took us straight to Padang Bai which is about 2h drive from the airport, towards the north on the east coast where we stayed a night to later in the morning take a fast boat straight to mini paradise called Gili islands. *note boat leaves 2 times a day morning and afternoon.

after another two hours we finally reached our destination Gili Air island, which what they call half relax/half party island. Gili in Sasak language (local language) means small, Trawangan being slightly bigger party island and Meno being small honeymoon island.

when we got to our little bungalow and settled in on the shore of the Bali Sea/Lombok Strait (connecting Java sea and Indian ocean) *Bali has complicating geography
it started to rain for seven hours straight.
now the weather in Bali divides into two seasons dry and wet, November until April is a wet season nonetheless it is still popular to come here in January to surf and enjoy the island. it is absolutely useless to check weather reports, in Indonesia weather is dictated by volcanoes and if you need to know the forecast just ask the locals!

and so we did and the next day welcomed us with beaming sunshine and good weather, and it remained like that until the very end of our trip!

crystal blue water, hot sandy beaches, washed out coral and a vivid underwater life, these islands have everything you need to relax and have plenty of adventures! snorkeling, SUP, diving, spas and bodily treatments. here is your ultimate vacationing spot!

we stayed on Gili for a while, we simply couldn’t leave earlier as planned because we wanted to enjoy the nature and those beautiful views just a tiny bit longer. good food, snorkeling trips, massages and those freshly squeezed fruit juices! mmmm paradise on earth! *for a beautiful and peaceful stay we recommend Private Slow Villas where you will be in very good hands. amazing service!

after 4 days in paradise and eating plenty of very delicious food we took an afternoon boat back to Padang Bai and from there out driver picked us up and took us straight towards Mt Batur which is located more towards north to climb 1717m to see the sunrise. the trekking starts at 3 am you get picked up and taken to have breakfast delicious banana pancake and local Bali coffee, we  started to go up at about 4 am and reached the peak at about 6. 10 am, but upsi there was no sunrise, it was covered in clouds and steam which was coming out of the volcano (there are 139 active volcanoes in Indonesia) after some time it cleared out tho and we could see a breathtaking view of Batur lake and Mt Rinjani and Mt Agung (both active)
the view was amazing and experience well worth the following day leg pain!

we came down Batur and walked around local plantations taking a breathtaking car ride back to the town and then moving towards north to stay at our drivers local village. he was kind enough to let us visit his local coffee shop, dine with his family and play with his kids, we saw real local Balinese peoples lives.
each family in the village has their own little house and a yard in the middle, everyone’s living across from each other. then there’s also a temple for each family. father sleeps in the middle of the houses, outside covered with curtains around his bed. epic.
we saw traditional dancing and praying rituals, found a kitten in the jungle and had a chance to swim in the waterfall. we saw the poverty in which they live yet happiness on their faces! i think they value the fact that they live in such a magical place where nature in each corner is absolutely bewildering.
they get to eat local produce freshly picked from the fields or collected from the trees. vegetation in Bali is god damn amazing, everything grows here, from fruits to rice to vegetables and different plants to make coffee, tea and medicine from. beautiful flowers and loads of different creatures around. oh so exciting!

after spending a night sleeping on a hard floor we took about 3h car ride back to Denpasar, rented a motorbike, stayed at the local guest house (even guest houses look like palaces or some magical shrines here in Bali) and took a 40 minute drive down south to see a famous cliffside temple called Uluwatu and roam around in a search of a cool beach to soak in! again cliffs and beautiful rocky beaches, fantastic views, warm water and very calm atmosphere. for a sunset we went to a famous sunset spot (which unfortunately gets overcrowded with tourists) to watch the sunset from and had a lovely nasi goreng – fried rice with veggies.

after so much adventure we were soo exhausted, but happy to board our plane back! not because we wanted to leave, but because we have seen so much beauty we couldn’t believe that what just happened – happened to us!

BALI IS AN ULTIMATE PLACE TO RETURN TO. and not just Bali, but Indonesia itself!

there are more than 17 000 islands in Indonesia, so many things to do and see! infinite exploration possibilities!

*swim in the volcanic currents
*swim with dolphins
*learn how to surf
*trek Mt Rinjani off Lombok island
*meet monkeys
*see Toraja tribe burial ceremony
*visit lake toba
*walk through rainforest canopy in Kalimatan
*go see Komodo Dragons in Komodo National park
*visit pink beach in Komodo
*go caving in Jomblang
*go on a Safari
*visit Trunyan village

ahh guys the list is endless!

go explore TRAVEL MORE!

l o < 3,



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once again #onlyinchina is here!

when it’s so safe you can leave your shoes (and not only) out your door and they’ll still be there hours, days, hell, years later. #safeandsound #onlyinchinaWechatIMG732

when you get to go on a cruise for work and end up spending your time in a hot tub shared with toddlers #yayandnay #worklife #onlyinchina

when you and all of your friends pick a different vacation time so you don’t see your favorite peeps for months #missyou #onlyinchina

when you awkwardly change from your winter coat right into a t-shirt #byewinter #30degrees #onlyinchina

and when you complain it went from hot to warm and you don’t know what to wear anymore #weatherfigureitout #agh #onlyinchina

when the peeing everywhere (this time down at the metro) doesn’t stop and neither does it surprise you anymore. #achildpeeingdownatthemetro #metropee #facepalm #onlyinchina

when it does surprise you when people still take pictures of you, since you’ve lived here so long you wonder why they still do that? #confusedface #iamoneofyounow #onlyinchina

when everytime you come back to China from abroad and forget to fill out the arrival card at the border control. 为什么?i am one of you guys! haha #no #stillaforeigner #filloutthearrivalcard #laowai #onlyinchina

when in the elevator. your neighbors daughter: ‘hi. apple.’ me: ‘what’s your name?’ girl: stares blankly at me with her big brown confused eyes #confusion #englishlevelbegood #onlyinchina

when down at the metro. little girl sees me. stares. stands up right next to me, remains besides me the whole metro ride. #kinfofcute #whydokidslikeme #blondhaircharm #onlyinchina

when you get to fight the gag effect from that sticky tofu smell on the street i take back from work every mother effin’ night. guys the smell is beyond disgusting. who eats that shit? #chinesepeopleloveit #poopsmell #stickytofugamebestrong #onlyinchina

when living in Sichuan you get a Sichuan pepper snickers edition for a Chinese new years! #hotandspicy #lovingit #onlyinchina


when Chinese people be burning wood, making a campfire right in the city behind some big rock that looks like a monument of some sort! #isthataritual #iwanttoknow #weirdbutcool ??? #onlyinchina

when you really want Chinese people to invest in a pair of headphones so that the rest of us don’t have to hear any of the Korean soap operas on loud phone speakers when we stand next to you down at the metro #metrodrama #getprivate #onlyinchina

when Chinese people walk as if they own the streets. being right in the middle of the sidewalk and beyond & being slow! i mean, guys, there’s almost two billion of yous + us! MOVE! #icannotunderstand #cannotstandslowpeople #damnyouguys #happensallthetime #onlyinchina #andnotonly

when promoting some pot sale Chinese people dress up weirdly and dance around in circles. my friend decided to join in.. #epic #friendinthemiddle #creepybutfun #onlyinchina


when down at the metro and none of the Chinese people bother to take off their backpacks of their backs but keep on bumping and squeezing you out of the place you stand in. #inconsiderateasperusual #onlyinchina

when you keep dreaming of joining these ladies outside ur house for a cool dance/workout session, but are too intimidated and kind of embarrassed too! haha #everynight #ladiesbeenworkingonthatbod #onlyinchina


when u want to get a massage in China but it’s the least relaxing spot eva. there’ll be tv playing in the background, the guy will be talking to u and his colleagues, also using his phone. no peaceful music or anything like that, but hey, still very effective #massageinchina #onlyinchina

when you come home and no matter how pissed someone made you this time, you turn to snuggle with your best roomie to date! #gatsbypower #myfavoritelivingthing #theonlychineseguyilike #onlyinchina


living in China man. even after two and a half years there’s things to talk about. when in China.. xD

thanks for reading.

peace and l o < 3,



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trip to Dominican Republic, yooo..

Chinese New Year, time to travel again right? so this time the trip was totally unplanned and full of worries, i was about to go to another side of the world, literally! i landed in Caribbean after about 24+ hours of traveling and changing planes. from Chengdu to Guangzhou to HK to JFK to DR.. the Sun was up and so was my mood! first impression: these guys are loud and chill, everybody on the plane talked and talked and drank and drank and ate! haha

I was welcomed like i have never been welcomed before. taken into the house and fed a lot of tasty food! i thought my tummy would just explode from all the goodness.
it was a tough trip though. jet lag lasted for about a week with all the 13 hour time difference between continents, oh and i managed to get burned, because guys that Caribbean Sun is so powerful it’s insane! so a bit of a rough start, but along the way adventures been happening and the holiday was going well..

chilling at the resort was cool, a lot of weirdos visiting the spot to get away from their kids or newlyweds celebrating their marriage, some ladies getting away from their douche boyfriends, a great selection of people. we all ended up being drunk and loud, dancing on the tables! FUN!

after the resort i was able to emerge myself into local life, observe everyday life of citizens, see the dynamic between relatives. it’s so very different from European way of thinking and being. Dominicans are loud, they’re sweet and generous, but crazy and obnoxious at the same time! to be able to fit in you’d have to work hard if you’re a white ass girl, like myself. i never felt not included, but i definitely had a hard time fitting in!

they say that being Dominican isn’t a nationality it’s kind of a state of mind, of being! it’s very true, Dominicans are very diverse, their looks can go from African looking to someone that looks just like me! they love their hair, they love their booze, cars and food.
Dominicans can dance nights away, they love music! Reggaeton is always blasting out of their cars, in the house, at their neighbours house, in the shower, you name it!

Santo Domingo, which is the capital has a population of about 10 million people, it has also taken in a lot of Venezuelans and Haitians under their wing, because those countries are doing way worse these days. the city of SD seemed very poor; small, half broken down houses, a lot of dirt everywhere. it’s more expensive to live in the capital and the quality of people’s lives isn’t so high, a lot of people struggle to meet their ends, they gotta hustle and bustle, and they do it with a chin up!
now Santiago with a population of 550,750 which is the second largest city in DR gave out a completely different vibe! a well organized, clean city with beautiful, modern houses and nice spots to hang out at.

there’s a lot of historically interesting facts about DR:

The Haitians conquered the whole island in 1822 and held it until 1844, when forces led by Juan Pablo Duarte, the hero of Dominican independence, drove them out and established the Dominican Republic as an independent state.

In 1924, Dominican Republic was an independent country with a democratically elected Dominican government.

From 1930 to 1947 (and indirectly until 1961), Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, one of the country’s most corrupt rulers, used murder and torture to suppress any opposition to his autocratic style of ruling.

Dominican Republic has left me with wanting to see more, i am certain that the country has to offer so much more than just their beautiful beaches. it has some great land scenery, waterfalls, beautiful spots worth seeing, so if you’re planning your next holiday destination, this little peninsula might be just for you, ya crazy soul!

p.s. huge thank you to hamster and Canadian ass for a great company, a family, a place to stay, food to eat, for the hugs and kisses received!

+++ After Dominican Republic i had some time in NYC, it was cold, but pretty sweet! went on a gig, had some fun, hence the picture of Times square!

Thank you for reading me.

l o < 3 to all,


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sadness, butterflies and Christmas.

more than two years and four months spent in China! many great, crazy nights, sooo much laughter. tears of sadness and of happiness! sooo many things happened it’s insane! i always thought that my growing up years were the ones spent in UK, which they sort of did, and some of them did also happen in Spain, but man oh man, now i for sure can say that the real growing up takes place in China!

living here is more intense than anywhere else in the world! why you ask? imagine that the amount of things that can happen to you normally in one month time, for example, here happen in barely a week. your life can unexpectedly be turned upside down any given minute! the whirlpool of our confusing and ever more exciting expat life is intense.

my dear friend once said, if you can learn how to be happy in China, you can be happy anywhere! no joke! after all this time i can only agree. you see newbies coming to China and breaking after 6 months, later on after 1.5 years etc. it’s something we all go through, and so did i! the important thing is to have a great support system, those expats that later on you call your family are the people you should surround yourself with! for some reason we think that after finishing school and university it gets so much harder to meet people you can be friends for life with, well, it’s something that is quite opposite for us here. i feel like i have met people here, that i for sure can call my bffs. people that are there for you no matter what. and well i am tots grateful for all of you guys! 🙂

there’s a particular sadness to it when you live in China. we find ourselves here but we do not want to stay here forever. therefore romantic relationships sort of have an expiration date. and there’s a lot of unsureness about the future. to be fair you meet many people who have come to China because they haven’t been able to figure out what they want from life, so expats here kind of have two choices, to finally get their s*** together or drink their lives away. rudely speaking. for me as an emotional person there’s a lot of doubts and overthinking, but since my breaking points are in the past and i have come to realise that i am one of those expats who have chosen to develop as a human being in the most unreal place, it being China, i have finally learned to be truly happy.

to be mature when it comes to making hard life decisions. to be able to love myself and take no shit from anyone. i learned to be happy not only when the Sun that you haven’t see for weeks is finally out, but happy in the most grayest, coldest winter days you can possibly have! after Spain, moving here was so intense, i couldn’t bare it. but seeing myself overcome all that Sun issue, has made me stronger for sure! hence the quality of life has improved!
some great things are happening and am excited about the future projects i’ve been working on! remember to follow your passion and enjoy the process. yeah sometimes it’s slow and there are bunch of other things in the way, but the most important thing is not to be afraid and keep taking those baby steps!

butterflies. uhum, yes. i thought they died, but they’re right here in me, at the most confusing time of my life they awoke as if Spring has just knocked on my hearts door.
got me on my feet and i am ready to Live! Laowai with a lot of ideas and inspiration! it feels good to have it all under control, and finally say that lost is a totally great place to find yourself. i know what i want from life, now it’s time to get things going! perfect timing as well, end of the year and the beginning of a new one!

Christmas guys! nostalgia, Sun, no snow, fear, excitement, butterfliiieeeeessss man! bunch of things to look forward to!

i wish all my peeps in my life to never give up! if you feel like you cannot get out of some situation, if you cannot make a decision that’s gonna mark big life changes, if you feel like you’re stuck, sick and tired .. look around, Life goes on and you certainly has been put into this planet to roll on with it! now go enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy!

love you all to death! thank you for being in my life! for reading me! for having my back!

Merry effin’ Xmas and a very positive, filled with laughter and lots of cotton candy New 2o18!

l o < 3,

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the easy and the hard part of living in China

it’s been a while since i’ve written a new post.. now that it’s been almost two years of me living in China it’s time to reflect on how actually living here looks like from my perspective, from my observations and stories told by my friends.

The Good *working easy jobs that get you a lot of pocket money. like a five minute voice recording radio job that pays 25 Euros.

The Bad *working the dumbest monkey jobs for Chinese people. like standing somewhere promoting some products or faking that you took part in what is being promoted. simply ’cause you’re white, Chinese people will most likely be interested in buying the product.

The Good *taking a different car every day (sometimes more than once a day) to get to work or anywhere you like. because you can afford it.

The Bad *sometimes drivers take a longer route to scam you for more money. this is where your Chinese language skills come in, to explain this guy that you know your way around the city!

The Good *ordering food or clothes online is so easy and cheap. it becomes your favorite thing to do. everything you order gets delivered to your doorstep, and what can be better than that?

The Bad *it’s highly addictive and takes away a lot of money from ur earnings. and another downfall is that sometimes the clothes you order aren’t as good as shown on the picture or don’t fit your size

The Good *be able to create, promote and make a business idea that you have come true and actually become successful in a short amount of time

The Bad *struggle because the people you work with will not understand you the way you want them to, because China ‘sigh’

The Good *soooo many cool events to attend and great things to try

The Bad *lack of time as you’re required to work weekends most of the time

The Good *doing pretty much anything you like ’cause you’re a foreigner

The Bad *being limited in what you can do or discriminated by Chinese if you’re ‘the wrong kind of foreigner’ mostly that happens to people of color. if you think Chinese people are not racists. think again

The Good *being able to travel Asia without spending a lot of money

The Bad *being stuck in China and drinking your life away as alcohol promotion here is obscene

The Good *coming to China not only to work for money, but working towards your future

The Bad *not going through with the idea because China is too depressing of a country to be living in. most parts anyway

The Good *the expat community in China is important.. i’d like to believe that we all are like a family here.. at least the people i’ve met here have become my family and are dear to my heart and i think that’s the case for the majority of us

The Bad *sometimes the family and friends you make here in China leave, yet again giving you a hard time to say goodbye to them

The Good *summer in Chengdu means unlimited fun with so many fantastic events happening that sometimes you have no time to go home and take a shower. just go go go mode on

The Bad *on the contrary winters here are long, cold and full of terrors. well not exactly, but sometimes people you hanged out with in summer you will not see the whole of the winter as they will just stay home wrapped in their warm blankets sipping on their hot cocoa. and you will want to do the same

The Good *an amazing opportunity to travel South East Asia, as it is super cheap and convenient because of so many holidays that China has

The Bad *not being able to travel, because of your visa. China is one of the hardest countries to live in when it comes to visa situation. it’s not easy to get a work or business visa here.

The Good *food here is very cheap so you can afford to eat out as much as you want and can

The Bad *sometimes your expectations on food are too high.. it’s China so don’t expect a foreign food restaurant taste exactly the same as back home

The Good *our Panda city Chengdu is a spacious city where everyone seems to have their spot, so it’s easy to move around from point A to B

The Bad *now if you’re trying to get to that same point B in a rush hour or when it’s raining you’re screwed, as you’ll need twice as much time to get where you want to be

as you can see everything in our life has a bright and a dark side. practice patience and embrace it all. if you’re a newbie here try to take all the ‘bad’ with a bit of humor. God knows i myself am trying my best!

thank you for reading me.

l o < 3, Ally

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must see places in Yunnan

definitely as soon as you arrive to Kunming go out of the city to see beautiful scenery. a place like Xishan Forest park where you can visit different Taoist temples and look down onto spectacular scenery of the city and its lake Dianchi!

Stone Forest Museum – as the name suggests this spot has stone forests that are as big as trees, the stones are scattered around and take on many different shapes and forms. animals, mushrooms, plants, human figures, you name it. besides that, the place has caves, lakes and waterfalls, a great time guaranteed.

Dali ancient town
– was built in 1382 Ming Dynasty. it’s a street located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. has a variety of different clothing and food stores, that sell local goods. gives out a nice vibe and makes a great walk while exploring.

Erhai lake – got it’s name because of an Ear shape.. literally embraces the whole of Dali, gives an astonishing view to everyone who visits this city.

Cangshan mountain – you can take a cable car up the mountain and enjoy beautiful view of the whole of Dali from up above.

The Butterly Spring – a beautiful place with lakes and silk trees that attracts tens of thousand of butterflies that mate there and drink flower nectar. the best time to visit is in April – May. all the butterflies are different species, from very tiny one’s to the ones that are as big as the palm of your hand.

Lijiang old town –
a beautiful town with many cosy tea and food places, many shops that sell handmade art and jewelry, food, famous yak meat.. there’s an immense variety of things you can try and buy for your loved ones. this old town as been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997, the architecture there is noteworthy as it’s a blend from several cultures, also it has an ancient water supply system that you can still look at these days. Lijiang old town hands down is a brilliant place to relax and get to know local people. try their amazing food and experience multiple cultures that reside there to the fullest.

bar hopping – definitely go bar hopping in Lijiang old town, the place is filled with hippy like decorated bars that play live music almost every night of the week. perfect place to meet fellow travelers or bond with people you’re travelling with.

Lugu lake –
is a bit far, about 5-8 hours away from Lijiang. is at the border between Yunnan and Sichuan province. if you have time to spare you should definitely pay a visit to this gorgeous site.. it is known that mysterious Mosuo people live there, forming a society known as the ‘Kingdom of Women’. all women community. quite intriguing.

Tiger Leaping Gorge – is one of the deepest gorges in the world and is considered to have the best hiking trail in Lijiang. it’s one of the UNESCO world heritage natural preservation sites with rare species of animals and plants in an ecological hotspot – place with a range of different climates. it’s where three largest rivers of China pass by. a very impressive place, definitely breathtaking and all ways great for nature lovers!

Shangri-la –
is a unique place known for it’s Tibetan culture and alpine landscapes.
the place is full of multiple attractions like national parks, monastery, lakes and mountains.
Pudacuo National Park – is a stunning display of nature, with lakes, forests and rare plants and animals.
Songzanlin Lamasery – is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple complex in Yunnan Province. It has many Buddhist statues and worthy cultural treasures.
Bluemoon Valley and Jade Dragon Snow mountain – breathtaking views, great place for skiing and sightseeing..
Blue Moon got it’s name because of crystal blue lake that runs among Jade Snow mountain. from a distance, it resembles a blue crescent moon inlaid at the foot of the mountain. the place is stunning, as it offers a different experience in a contrast with the usual scenic spots.

you will fall in love with this place! guaranteed!


l o < 3, Ally



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Magical Yunnan Province

exploring China isn’t always easy, and this trip meant so much more than just going to see another province, on many different personal levels, but about that some other time.

the trip started in Kunming, city that served as a short stopover before heading to amazing places in Yunnan. Kunming welcomed with rain and being typical big city in China didn’t attract any attention of mine. it was time to move.

Dali was the place to look forward to. a five hour bus ride and Dali was there in front of my eyes. seeing it being beautifully surrounded by mountains and the huge, famous ear shaped lake – Erhai felt great! the view was absolutely stunning! fresh air playing with my hair, Sun shining so brightly and skies so blue, it was almost blinding me. breathtaking place.

Dali in Yunnan’s province is a very touristic city, which is understandable as it has so much history and beautiful places to visit. Dali’s ancient town has many ancient temples and sites that attract people from all over the world. a place that has natural reserves and hiking area. a place that has no pollution. clean China.
the present ancient city of Dali is preserved by the government. a population of about 40,000 people of which large percentage are of ethic minorities called Bai or Yi. the government does not allow modern construction in this city, so the structures are traditional. having a stroll though the ancient town is a nice experience as the architecture is nothing like in the rest of China. the food and even tea is unique compared to other provinces in China. everything feels different around here, in a very good way. locals are very nice, very open and warm. i guess it’s all the Sun they are getting. kidding.

after exploring Dali and getting heavily sunburned (i got too excited to see the Real Sun). it was time to go to another wonderful place – Lijiang. only few hour bus drive and i arrived to the most spectacular and most ‘mandatory to visit’ place in China. a spectacular natural scenery and leisurely lifestyle city. city that used to be a center for economic and cultural communication between many ethnic groups that still reside there; Naxi, Bai, Han and Tibetan people. Staying at the ancient town of Lijiang was quite a nice surprise as i got to taste so much good food and stroll around the town many times looking at all the arts and crafts locals display there. the views, oh, those amazing views followed everywhere i went. after exploring town i went on to Tiger Leaping Gorge – one of the deepest gorges on the planet, that has the best hiking trail in the Lijiang area. with good spirits i thought let’s do the hike, but when our bus driver said to the group that it’s 100 km long and it being super hot outside, i changed my mind and went on exploring it a safe way, with the bus, that would let us out to walk to see magnificent mountains that surround it. after day of exploring TLG it was time to rest. another bus ride and we were arriving to Shangri-la, in a Tibetan language meaning ‘a land of sacredness and peace’, so i could do just that, peacefully rest.

Shangri-la is known in a whole world for it’s natural parks, alpine landscapes and Tibetan culture. Shangri-La is a mountain paradise with dense forests, alpine lakes, grasslands, and gorges. it’s home to more than 20 ethnic groups. and it’s a great place to experience the Tibetan lifestyle and religion, being close up with them. it’s a must see place for sure. i had an absolute pleasure and felt extremely grateful to be emerged into this culture and see all these out-of-this world places. but all the good things end, that is life’s cruelty; it was time to say goodbye.

after seeing many beautiful places in Shangri-la, enjoying local food and strolls around the town, it was time to go. it was incredibly sad having to leave this absolutely stunning, warm place. my heart was breaking. but i am certain that i will come back for a longer period of time to explore more of the wonderful places, because there’s so much left to see! ❤

p.s. i will post ‘must see places’ list in Yunnan in a separate blog post.

p.p.s. although the post is written in a first person, i had a pleasure to travel with someone very special to me. i hope you’ll enjoy the read mister.

thank you all for reading me.

l o < 3, yours


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